#159 "HE IS ABLE"


"I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day"-2 Timothy 1:12

An able man is always the best man for the most difficult task.  When it is fourth down and one yard to go, let us give the ball to the man who has proved his ability to blast through the line.  When there are only a few seconds on the clock and a three pointer will win the game, let the player who has proved his ability take the last shot.  The anchor man must be sure footed and able to carry the baton through the ribbon before his opponents and so we would say concerning natural ability.  But let us carry this truth beyond the natural into a spiritual realm that goes beyond natural ability or even earthly forces. Paul writes of Jesus, the One who is "able to save to the uttermost."  

Many things could be said concerning what the apostle, as well as ourselves, should commit to Jesus.  One thing he must have committed was full payment for his sin.  Here, Jesus was able to do something that man could not.  He could become man and life a spotless life.  Thus, a perfect sacrifice for sin.  Let us commit the full price of our redemption to Jesus Christ for "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags"-Isaiah 64:6.  Certainly our Lord is well pleased with our righteous efforts to serve Him.  Yet, when we hold those labors up to the Father's face to pay for or trade off our sin they are offensive to Him, they are as filthy rags.  Did not His own precious Son die for the sins of His people?  Nothing else is pleasing to the Father than the suffering of His Son. Even an apostle must confess his own weakness and commit his salvation to a faithful creator. Let us commit this unto Jesus.  He is good for the debt. 

 Jesus was able to die upon a cross and live again.  Paul believed the words of Jesus upon the cross when He said, "It is finished".  A job committed to a faithful man is finished when He says it is finished. I have seen a lot of jobs that were not finished when people said they were.  Perhaps a misunderstanding of what the job was all about or even the inability to complete the task.  Yet, salvation is of the Lord.

Paul must have also committed his security from falling to Jesus. How confidently he could write, "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect?"  In other words, "Take it up with Jesus, He is my intercessor, my ransom, my payment and my Savior.  I have committed all things to Him." 

Dear friend, are you worried about tomorrow, the problems with the world, the stock market, the condition of the country.  Paul was suffering the pains of persecution when he wrote this letter, yet he had committed the pains and sufferings of this life to Jesus as well.  We must commit each day to Jesus.  Day by day, let us look to one who does not change like the world, to one who is able to keep us from sinking in the stormy waves about us.  He walks on the water, in the furnace opens prison gates and raises the dead.  He is able.  

We close today with the words of the great Puritan writer, Thomas Brooks, "The child can not better secure any precious thing it has, than by putting it into the father's hands to keep.  Our mercies are always safest and surest when they are out of our hands, and in the hands of God.  We trust as we love, and we trust where we love; where we love much, we trust much; much trust speaks out much love; if we love Christ much, surely we shall trust him much."  He is able!

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