“Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? Or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war”-Job 38:22,23

In His treatise upon creation, God would ask Job and his friends if they had considered a gift that we all may enjoy: the “treasures of the snow.”  By this religious exercise, Job and his friends would find their hearts stirred and their actions rebuked as they were reminded of God’s wisdom, His majesty, His sovereignty and His power.  For just a moment, let us enter with Job and his friends into just a few of “the treasures of the snow.”


Last week, we beheld one of the many splendors of God’s creation: “the treasures of the snow”.  In just a few moments, the earth was canvassed with tons of beautiful, downy crystals of ice.  We are told that no two snowflakes are identical.  Who, but God, could invent such a thing.  Man must mass produce many objects of the same shape and dimension, but God’s wisdom was displayed as we beheld billions of snowflakes, each one possessing its own unique splendor and beauty.  

Yes, snow is a product of God’s wisdom and His majesty.  As the painter would see the object of his creation before he placed it upon the canvas, so God, in His wisdom and majesty, would design the snowflake.  Majestic beauty must come from a majestic mind.  Consider this treasure and we begin to consider God.

It is true, man has copied a miniscule of God’s creation with his noisy snow cannons.  But what are a few particles compared to the millions of tons of downy silent mass that cover the hills and plains.  Truly, this soft, silent display of God’s wisdom is one of the most beautiful spectacles of His creation.  I see it on canvas, in magazines, on postcards, and on television.  While men are applauded for their actions, let us applaud God for His majestic display of wisdom and beauty.  

I am sure that man will never discover all of the benefits that these “treasures” will afford him.  Perhaps Job and his friends knew more than we do today.  It is known that snow will make the earth more fruitful.  It serves to purify the atmosphere.  It destroys harmful insects.  By the little that we do know, we must say, “How complex is God’s creation.  He has seen to every need.  How great is His wisdom.  How wonderful are his treasures!”


Who, but God, could create beauty and power in one event. Who, but God, could speak so powerfully, yet so softly.  If He had a mind to do so, all of creation could be brought to a standstill by one snowstorm.  Planes are grounded, communications are silenced, schedules must halt and man’s plans must take a back seat as God speaks to us through His creation.  I find a treasure in this.  Each snowstorm is a silent sermon.  The earth must stop for a little while and confess that God is alive and He is not silent.  Did your hear Him speak?

While some will blame El Nino for their weather patterns, the believer knows that all of creation is held together and command by El Shaddai, the Almighty, All-sufficient One.  Man is always trying to predict the weather.  God commands it.   He is sovereign.   He “hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet”- Nahum 1:3.  Old Nahum knew more than modern man with all of his sophisticated instruments.  

 From time to time, God must remind proud man who is in control of all things and who possesses all power in heaven and in earth.  If we forget Him, we can be sure that He will!  It was by a great deluge that God once judged a wicked world.  Who could stand before Him then and who could today?  God has used the weather more than once to remind man of His power and Lordship.  By rain, by hail, by drought, by whirlwinds, God can get man’s attention very effectively.  Just by withholding the moisture from the atmosphere God can, and has, brought all of creation to its knees. He destroyed the armies of the Amorites and the crops of the Egyptians with hailstones.  The weather is God’s arsenal. If He desires, He can fight as effectively with snow and hail as man can with his modern weapons of war.  His arsenal is always full and His aim is wrought with skill and wisdom.

 If man possessed such power he would destroy the universe. He turns his arsenal of weapons on his neighbor and the byproducts of them on himself.  Only God, by His infinite wisdom and Holiness, can possess such power and use it for good.  What a treasures we may find in the snow!

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By His mercy and grace,

Neil Phelan, Jr.,  Pastor

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