"Who Knoweth"

"Who Knoweth"

"Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"-Esther 4:14

Our thoughts today are centered around the soul searching question of Mordecai, which question all believers have mused in their own hearts from time to time.  The question is one of speculation, as to whether or not God had orchestrated the events surrounding their present plight.  It concerns the beautiful thought of  God's providence and His divine intervention in the lives of His people.

The word providence is pregnant with thought and imagination.  Not only does it mean that God is actively involved in the most minute events of our lives, it also means that the Lord provides His people with the things they need.  It is by faith that we see our heavenly Father this way and every detail of our lives are marked with this question, "Who knoweth".

But let our answer always be in the affirmative.  The beautiful book of Esther has taught us to say so.  There is nothing that happens in the universe that God does not allow.  As one preacher said, "History hinges on minute events". The broadness of His providence was illustrated by Jesus when He said that a sparrow can not fall to the ground without the Father.  In every nook and cranny of the universe, not one sparrow may fall without the Father's permission.  His providence is equally specific.  The very hairs of our heads are numbered by the Father. 

Esther did not take providence for granted.  She asked for her people to pray for her as she approached the king.  Though they thought the Lord might be in it, they did all that was humanly possible in seeking the favor of the Lord.  Yes, the Lord comforts us with the knowledge of His providence, yet He is honored by our holy petitions.

As we view the chain of events that brought Esther to her position we must acknowledge that God is a God of providence.  Why did the king call for a feast?  Why did he request the presence of Vashti?  Why did she refuse to come?  Why was Esther brought with the virgins to the kings palace?  Why was she chosen?  All of this was orchestrated by God. If one event in the chain had failed, the outcome would have been much different for God's people.  Surely, the Lord provided.

Providence is very punctual.  The Lord was right on time with the best provision.  Was not Haman hanged on the very gallows he had built for Mordedcai? Was not Esther placed in charge of their circumstances?  What great comfort is given to the sheep of His pasture in knowing that the Good Shepherd watches over his own in such a way.  He leads them to pasture, beside the still waters and counts them daily as they go in and out.  He even guides and protects them with the rod and staff.  He clothes the lilies of the field and feeds the ravens by His bountiful hand of providence.  Lord, today, we acknowledge thy kindness to us and we acknowledge thy hand of providence in our lives as we count our may blessings.

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