Nehemiah, Revival at Water Gate

From July 16 to Oct. 1, 2006. Elder Neil Phelan preached a series of sermons on Nehemiah. A series of messages concerning the need for revival in our local churches.  Though we know that any genuine revival must come from God, this little book demonstrates several key elements to a real revival which include: it started in the heart of one person who we know to be Nehemiah; it started with a genuine burden for God's cause; he approached his burden with prayer; God opened doors for him; he shared his vision with others; they saw what they needed to change in their religious endeavors; God blessed their endeavors with success!  This is a powerful book which truths are greatly needed for every church today!

Click the links below to download an MP3 of each sermon from the series. These can be played on your computer, MP3 player, DVD player, and some CD players. 

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